Adaptive Power Amplifiers


The APA Series – Adaptive Processing Amplification – are four channel Class D amplifiers with extensive processing, connectivity and control capabilities. The new power and DSP platforms have been designed to interact intelligently and adapt to prevailing conditions, protecting drivers, and significantly enhancing performance from all speaker systems.  Now shipping with 2000+ preset library in AudioCore: Amped Edition!

It’s not so difficult to add some DSP into an existing amplifier design, but to fully monitor all aspects of an amplifier’s performance from input XLR (or network port) to speaker terminals – that’s a little more involved…

The APA Series can do this. We have designed a power and processing platform that tightly integrates with its power supply featuring 96k analogue to digital converters not only on the analogue inputs++ but also directly at the speaker outputs, monitoring voltage and current. Inputs and outputs are simultaneously being processed by the DSP, along with data about the mains supply, allowing APA to adapt and correct to keep your music sounding better than ever.

In addition to this adaptive processing, you still have full control over a powerful suite of filtering and protection, including multiple bands of our legendary dynamic EQ, FIR filtering and phase linearisation, ultra-transparent limiting, and all the classic crossover and EQ components traditionally used to set up your system.

Add to this a fully flexible matrix with the ability to source audio either locally from AES or analogue inputs++, or via a networked audio connection (Dante/AVB). With PC remote software also available, you’ll understand why we don’t think this is just an amplifier with some DSP built in…

++AES and analogue inputs standard, network audio inputs is a retro-fit option