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Past performance – preset history

Collaborating with the best speaker manufacturers has always been central to XTA’s modus operandi.  We’ve created many OEM versions of our speaker processors over the years, going all the way back to the DP200, in the guise of the MX8600 for EAW, through a host of DP226 OEM units, such as Martin Audio’s DX1, Turbosound’s LMS-D6, Funktion One’s XO1, Quested, Celestion, Tannoy….the list goes on.

Actually quite hard to find a photo of the MX8600 – they are still in use and that’s over 20 years ago!

The 4 Series have received similar endorsement over the years, appearing in many guises, including some noteable manufacturers such as DAS Audio, Proel, Qube, and continued support from other big players in the form of presets issued for direct use with our own 4 Series – L-Acoustics and JBL amongst others.

The great news is that this symbiotic relationship continues with our latest processing amplifiers, with some manufacturers choosing to rebadge the models directly and load with their own presets, with others supporting their systems with presets that can now be loaded like never before through AudioCore: Amped Edition.

The very fetching Funktion One D-Series – our DPA and DNA Series.

Any preset, any amp…

The only problem with the presets for 4 Series and earlier product was that a “preset” meant a complete set of output channels with routing, and so obviously a preset for a 448, whilst technically it should work in a 426, wasn’t compatible.  Maintaining a library of all versions for all models was a time-consuming process.
To get around these problems, and make presets work everywhere, we have, in collaboration with a host of speaker manufacturers, developed a library of over 1500 presets that don’t need to know what model they are destined for, as they are loaded through AudioCore : Amped Edition and will work with all our processed amplifiers!

That includes APA (4-E6 and 4-E8), DPA40, DPA80, DPA100, as well as MC2 Delta 40, 80 and 100.

Jason Kelly, our EMEA Technical Sales manager, explains a little more on how the presets were compiled.
“The system is designed to work on an ‘enclosure’ basis – that’s to say, they don’t have to be 4  or 8 channels – they could be a single channel’s worth of data if it’s a sub, or a full range cabinet.  Loading into an amp is as simple as a right click on the first channel to drop the preset in, and then search the library.  There’s plenty of meta data explaining way more than just the name – you get info on how many channel’s worth are needed, notes from the manufacturer, if it’s going to bridge any channels, and so on.  There may be FIR filter data included, and security to keep the most important settings sounding as they should.”

How does is work?

Loading though AudioCore allows for total freedom when it comes to how a preset is configured.  You get to choose where the preset is loaded, and if you want to mix and match different systems subs and tops, it’s in your hands.  All you have to do is make sure you configure the routing yourself, and you’re guaranteed that the settings chosen will be showing off your speakers to the best of their ability.

Presets can be loaded into either amp outputs or auxes (on DPA and Delta DSP amps) and if amp channels are in groups. you’ll soon be able to propogate the settings directly to other amps in the group without having to repeat the process (based on channels in absolute groups of course!).

Can I check for my system’s presets?

Yes of course!  You don’t even have to download and install AudioCore : Amped Edition to do this.  It’s really easy  – Click here to take you to a page were you can download a searchable database, or a plain and simple pdf to check on your phone – be aware it’s 37 pages of presets though – it’s a massive library!

If you’re not included in the current library , don’t despair – there’s also a direct contact form so we can email you back and try and get you involved.  The vast majority of our presets were produced in collaboration with the speaker manufacturers, so you can be assured that the settings are accurate and will make every system sound its best, especially with our amplification and processing behind it.


  • hello,
    i just bought a tannoy system (vq60 with vs21 subs)
    your xta dp448
    and mc 2 amps (me90 subs,me45 mids,me15 highs).
    i did a setup of the crossover myself, with quiet satisfying result, anyway wondered if you have a default preset for that system.

    second (slightly off topic) the cooling fan inside the dp448 is pretty loud (yes i cleaned it) is there a way to reduce the noise?

    best regards
    dave muscheidt

    • Waring Hayes says:

      Hi Dave,

      Unfortunately Tannoy only ever released presets for this system that were designed for their own digital crossover (which you are lucky to have dodged – looks like an OEM of ours but it wasn’t!).
      Beyond the crossover points published in their literature, which I am guessing you’ve already got if things are sounding good, any corrective EQ is going to have to be done by ear, as will any time alignment with the subs. This would be dependent on placement distance anyway so you’d have to work that out on the fly. Luckily as they are a dual concentric design, there shouldn’t be any need for time alignment within the cabinet enclosure.

      If you need any assistance with limiter settings just let me know.

      About your noisy fan – it’s possible that the bearings are going on the fan if it’s unduly loud – if you drop me an email we can supply a replcement or recommend a local supplier depending on your location. My email is waring(a)xta.co.uk.



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