XTA Chosen for Pacifico Yokohama Refurbishment

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XTA Electronics recently supplied their Japanese distributor, Otaritec Corporation, with a number of 4 Series controllers for the newly refurbished sound system at Pacifico Yokohama.

Pacifico Yokohama is a Convention Complex located in Japan’s second largest city, Yokohama, lying on the eastern shore of Tokyo Bay. The Complex comprises the National Convention Hall of Yokohama, a Conference Centre, an Exhibition Hall and the Intercontinental hotel, the Yokohama Grand.

Easily accessible from the city and surrounded by greenery and water, these world-class facilities provide space for large-scale conventions in an extremely comfortable environment.

Working alongside original system integrator TOA, Otaritec were delighted to have succeeded in getting the XTA processing selected against many other brands. A major deciding factor was the decision to run everything digitally. From the Digico SD-7, to the XTA DP4 Series Controllers and on to the Crown amplifiers, audio stays in the digital domain for the maximum time.

Otaritec’s XTA specialist, Kunitaka Fukatsu commented “Not only did the XTA units sound better than anything else we tried, they also had the digital interface we wanted”.

Upgrading the 5,000 seat National Convention Hall was no mean achievement – used as it is for everything from AGMs to live performance across every genre of music.

Although most rock artists will use a rented-in FOH system, the in-house system had to be capable of excelling at multipurpose applications. Another reason the XTAs were chosen is their ability to be controlled by Audiocore over Wi-Fi.

Kunitaka Fukatsu added: “Whether it be from the Control Room or from any seat in the house, the sound engineer can adjust any setting using the wireless interface. Since we are using the 4 x 28 band graphic EQs on the inputs of the DP448s as FOH EQ – there is no need to be running back to the control room to adjust EQ – do it from wherever you are! That’s a very powerful tool!”

As in most multi-purpose applications it is speech intelligibility which determines success or failure and the conclusion from all parties involved is that the system sounds good!

In a complex world, here is a complex sound system that meets the prime criteria – good sound.