DPanel-8 – Remote Wall Panel

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The DPanel-8 is a stand-alone remote panel, operating using the RS485 bus for comms and using either the GPIO port of an MC2 Delta DSP amplifier or XTA DPA amplifier, or an external 5V source for a power supply.

The DPanel-8 is also fitted with an isolated SPDT relay to control external equipment such as projector screens or blind/drape motor systems.

It may be programmed “in situ” whilst plugged into Delta or DPA amplifier, or may be connected directly to a PC (via a suitable RS485 adapter) for programming.  It uses the “simple remote protocol” embedded in the firmware of all Delta DSP or DPA amplifiers and all 4 or 5 Series XTA products, as well as the DC1048 and Ti1048 installation management systems.  Multiple panels may be connected to a system, and the panels can coexist with AudioCore connected via Ethernet or USB.

Capabilities of the DPanel-8

The eight buttons on the panel can be programmed to operate in three “key modes”:

1)  Momentary (used for gain adjustments)

2)  Toggle (used for mutes and standby)

3)  Interlock (used for memory recall)

The “simple remote protocol” allows control of the following functions of an amplifier or processor:

1)  Gain set (absolute setting of any input or output channel’s gain value)

2)  Gain inc/dec (adjust gain in programmable steps relative to current setting, with max/min range capping)

3)  Mute  (any input or output or combination)

4)  System mute (all outputs muted when enabled, restored to original settings when disabled)

5)  Standby (amplifiers only)

6) Memory recall (currently this is only for “Everything” type memories on all amplifiers or processors to ensure compatibility

7)  Relay on/off (isolated relay control on DPanel)

Multiple commands to different devices can be programmed as a macro assigned to a single button.

The DPanel-8 also has an IR sensor and is compatible with many generic IR remote controls, and additional features may be programmed using the IR Remote to extend the capabilities of the panel, or it may be used to replicate the buttons’ functions, on a button-by-button basis.  The panel may also be locked to prevent unwanted tampering (including/excluding IR access).

The buttons feature removable caps and are backlit with programmable colour options (cyan/red/magenta) so may be labelled according to their function.  The panel also features additional background illumination for use in low light environments.  The brightness of the backlighting and buttons is also user programmable and the backlighting may be disabled if required.

The panel is designed to fit into a UK single pattress box and may be either surface mounted or embedded into a wall.  The front face is silver brushed 3mm aluminium to blend into any décor.

Full instructions on programming and connecting a DPanel-8 are available here (and also in TechNotes) .

The remote programming app and loader are available here (and also in TechNotes).


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