The 120 Amps – What’s That Even MEAN?

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Well, if you come to ISE you can find out, can’t you?!
The poor old TechBlog as been neglected in recent times due to the sheer volume of hyper-activity that’s been going on here at XTA, culminating in the release of the killer combo of tech that you’ve been waiting for.

Our world-leading processing reworked for modern connected systems and coupled with the latest power amplifier technology as debuted at last year’s ISE…
as MC2 Audio’s Delta Series, with both DSP enabled models and clever non-DSP models that still have Dante networks as an option with 96k converters.

XTA’s amplifiers that are based on the same leading tech have been designed to be more complimentary to APA, and work in a way that will be familiar to users of our processors.  The DPA amplifiers are the processed models with beautiful OLED displays for navigation and showing comprehensive and very helpful input metering in addition to the LED bars that switch modes depending on what you want to monitor or edit – the inputs, the power amp outputs or the independent aux line outputs.

The DPA amplifiers play nicely with APA amplifiers who also are best friends with MC2 Audio’s Delta Series and ALL of them are happy living under AudioCore in the Amped Edition which uses the latest IP connection (or RS485 or USB or even a combo of these!) to realise faster connections and the real time notification of any connection loss, so you can be doubly sure what you set is what you get.

Of course that’s not all that the Amped Edition does that is new…there’s all the new grouping architecture to control and group any combo of outputs or inputs across any amps – lots more on this stuff in the links for Amped Edition info!

The IP connection means seamless migration to a wireless system of control as well – just plug your amps into a router and it’s job done.
DPA and MC2 Audio’s Delta also offer iPad control when connected like this via  the free DeltaDirect app – it even recognises the grouping architecture so you can just instantly offline your AudioCore connection and hit OnLine in the app and it’ll find all the amps in seconds!

So what about the non-DSP amps?  Well, DNA is the XTA offering, based on the same technology but minus the processing.  And this leads neatly to the original subject of this post – the 120 Amps.  Eventually.

Are these the most powerful two channel amplifiers with networked audio currently available?  They might just be…

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