AudioCore V8.91

AudioCore software gives the user instant and intuitive control over all the parameters of any DP or DC series unit.


AudioCore software gives the user instant and intuitive control over all the parameters of any DP series unit. Click on any unit’s function block and the parameters for that function are immediately available and adjustable. All parameters can be adjusted via mouse or keyboard.


For example, the Output Control screen gives the user control over Highpass and Lowpass filters for both frequency and slope enabling speedy setting of the crossover function. All parametric equalisers are controllable by direct curve dragging or normal mouse / keyboard control. In curve dragging both frequency and gain locking are available.


Output meters show output level relative to limit threshold with an LED indicating 4dB into limiting to show heavy compression. The time constants of the meters are linked to limiter time constants. The Limiter screen gives both instant control over all of the limiters’ parameters and level feedback from the unit when using a bi-directional interface.


Current equalisation curves are accessible for each output, allowing precise equalisation adjustments to be made. Local mute and solo functions ease system troubleshooting. Full memory support is provided allowing the system to be disconnected from the software and run in a simple MIDI or closed contact memory recall mode.


Array Control opens up the power of addressable zones for the control of large systems, configured exactly as the user requires. Outputs may be included in as many zones as required allowing effective sub-zones to be created along with more ‘global’ zone configurations. Real-time metering of each zone is available, along with output gain control, muting, 0dB levelling, and soloing.

array-06-control main screen

array-07-control zone group buttons small

Global ganging allows users to control many parameters common to all units on the network in a seamless fashion. Bands of parametric EQ, gains or delays can all be grouped together so if any is adjusted on any unit, it will follow on all other units in the set.“For example, PEQ1 on output one of all units can be ganged together so if a notch is suddenly needed across the board, it can be quickly and easily implemented without having to set each unit individually or copy and paste settings.Sets do not have to contain all units – they are totally flexible in which units, which inputs and outputs and which parameters are ganged together.


Note that, unlike array control, these ganged parameters are ABSOLUTE and all parameters in a set will be the same. Array control allows for relative gain adjustments.

A few other minor features have been added, such as the ability to disable real time metering (useful when on a slower connection, or if there are WiFi problems). This is found under File>Options, along with the choice of locking out the System Mute button and changing the PEQ bandwidth units to ‘Q’, Octaves, or “1/Q”.